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The menù

The territory on the plate

The menu is made up of a selection of dishes which change regularly
to respect the seasonal nature of the ingredients and offer new stimuli to the taste buds of our guests.
We’re convinced of the importance of offering the widest possible choice to all our guests, including those with food intolerances, allergies or specific dietary needs.

From the land to the table

We sustain local produce wherever possible, because zero km is more than just a slogan. Where appropriate, we also use products of certified excellence, to give space and value to my previous experience abroad. In addition to a good range of seafood options, at Vecchia Sorni we serve local freshwater fish, such as freshwater whitefish, carp, char and marble trout. Our meat is frequently locally sourced from Trentino, and includes some rather unusual choices, such as ostrich farmed on the high plains of Pinè, but we also serve Fassona beef from the Piedmont region and New Zealand beef, to the delight of true gastronauts. We use local flour, and our goats' cheeses come from the mountain pastures of the Val di Rabbi, Val di Sole and Val di Fiemme. To take just a few examples. And then, there's our orchard alongside the restaurant, which supplies us with aromatic herbs. Not very far away, we have an area of 2,000 m2 planted with vines, quinces, pears, cherries and small berries such as blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries. This little treasure house supplies us with more than 20% of our requirements. And we shouldn't forget the edible plants that grow wild on the land, such as wild spinach and herbs, wild garlic, mushrooms and dandelions, which add another highly personal touch to our dishes. And finally, the coffee from the "I Druper coffee" roastery.

Desserts, prepare for a surpraise

Who says that healthy cooking can't be tasty too? Our aim is to satisfy all the tastes of our guests, to offer the widest range of choice in our menus without having to sacrifice on flavour to those with food intolerances or allergies and on special diets. The perfect expression of our constant research, which requires intense study and skills, is our dessert menu, which offers truly flavoursome delights which arefree of allergens and have low glycaemic impact, and produced with the assistance of a technical consultant who specialises in pastry matters.

Our wine cellar, we don't live on bread alone

Good food can only be made better when accompanied by a good wine. Our wine cellar offers some of the finest wines from local vineyards and beyond. We have a huge selection of local wines, focusing on the production from the Avisiane Hills, Rotaliana Plain, Val di Cembra, Valle dei Laghi and Val di Non, where the great indigenous grape varieties dominate, such as Nosiola and Teroldego Rotaliano. These are the most interesting expressions of the Trento DOC wines, and include a number of very rare jewels, such as Groppello di Revò. Without forgetting the traditional spirits of the Trentino region, which offer a particularly stylish way of finishing off a meal. Equally interesting is our selection of wines from other parts of Italy and from abroad. Our aim is to offer the wines which our guests most frequently ask us for, as well as a number of niche products, with a space dedicated to the many new ideas that continue to emerge on the market. Our sommelier Alessandro is at the disposal of our guests who want to know more about this complex and fascinating world. He'll be happy to answer your questions, clear up any doubts and advise you on wine and good combinations.

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