New image and new website to tell you who we are

07 Dec 2021

Never stop searching.


That’s always been my family motto, and I made it my own when I embarked on my adventure as a chef. It’s a stimulus that gave me the courage to start again each time I moved to a new town, when I had to cope with a new language and new people, and it’s been particularly useful to me in the course of this year.


The arrival of Covid didn’t just change our lives and our relationships with others – in many cases, mine included, it transformed the entire working environment. This was a truly difficult situation which, with the assistance of my staff, I’ve tried to make the most of, by bringing the restaurant into line with the regulations, responding to new customer requirements and experimenting with what for me were new operating methods, such as delivery and takeaway.


As popular wisdom teaches us, it’s best to “make a virtue of necessity”, and for that reason, I’ve simply tried to make the most of this situation.


I therefore decided to use the many mandatory stoppages of recent months as a space for reflection, in an attempt to focus on who we were and where we were going, and, even more importantly, to come up with the correct method for passing on the results of those reflections to our guests.

Cuisine of excellence - always

Those who came to look us up know exactly what they'll find when they get here - a warm welcome, hospitality, care and attention, and a cuisine of excellence, which is refined but at the same time practical. This is a philosophy that we also wanted to share with those who don't know us, and who look for information online before coming to the village of Sorni to pay us a visit. For this reason, we decided to modernise our name, with the removal of the reference to trattoria, which many people might find misleading, and to set up a new website to let you know exactly who we are and what we do. We hope you like it and that we'll soon meet you for the first time, or see you again!